Vinyls Making a Comeback

For my photography class, we have to do this photo series assignment. I decided to focus my project on vinyls, because I have way more than the normal, modern 20 year old. They are all different genres of music and the visuals that are on some vinyl covers are just too good to not buy and hang up on your wall. I also believe that it is the best way to listen to music at any time. This is my favorite picture that I have shot so far for this project. This is my friend Madison and she volunteered to be my model and wanted to model the Kid Cudi record right away. Her energy and constant movement is what made all of the pictures I took of her so good. Even though you can not see her face, the record is apart of her and the picture and that is exactly what I wanted to accomplish. I like this one the most, because I think it is funny that she is eating cereal, but it also puts the record in an every day, mundane thing. I tried to shoot it in her kitchen, but once we plugged everything in and tried to made the shutter go off all the power in her house shut down, so that is why it is in a shed area, but you make do with what you have!


When all your models bail

So, when I was trying to shoot for the group portrait assignment all of my models ended up bailing on me, but I still had all of the lighting equipment. It resulted in me trying to do a shoot with my very beautiful cat. I used a one light set up and I had to constantly move the light around, because it is very difficult to get a cat to do anything you want. The shots that I did capture of her, prove that she needs a modeling job and that will help her earn her keep at my place (just kidding, she is spoiled rotten). I would have liked to have the light falling on both of her eyes, so that you could see the color in them. I like that she looks like she is ready to pounce on something (probably the food that was sitting next to me). This was just another excuse to post a picture of my cat.

Oh Disney

This is one of my favorite shots that I got at Disney World this year. This was my 19th year in a row with my mom. It has been a tradition between us ever since I was 2 years old. I got this shot during their Fantasmic show at Hollywood Studios. This is where the dragon, from sleeping beauty comes in and tries to defeat Mickey and everything that is good and fun. They changed up the show a little bit ago and started to add a lot of water work. This was a little difficult to capture, because it was pitch black in the stadium we were in except for the lighting that was coming from the stage and it was not that great. I had to turn my ISO all the way up to 6400 at times and I had to increase my shutter speed, because some of the scenes go by super fast and there is always something going on that you have two seconds to capture. I really like this shot, because the lighting that they used in the water and you can still see the dragon, which was hard because it had zero color. It was lit up by some lights on the body, but none of them showed up as good as the one in this photo. You can not use flash during the majority of Disney shows, so to be able to trick my camera into believing their is light out and come out with a pretty good photo is something I am happy with at the moment.

Okeechobee, I love you

This is a picture I took of my best friend Ian. I wish I had another one of his full outfit because it is amazing. I did not bring any lights to set up with me, but I did use the beautiful natural lighting that was around us, and burnt the heck out of all of us. We were at a music festival called Okeechobee in…wait for it… Okeechobee, Florida. I had more photos, but someone ended up stealing my phone during one of the shows I was at, but this festival was just so amazing that I did not even care. I did do a little bit of editing on the photo, but only to bring out more color in the sky and try to make Ian not look as burnt as he really was. This is my favorite photo and I would have liked to get some of the festival on the inside, because this is at our camp grounds, but I did not really trust a bunch of crazies to be around my expensive camera.

Tyler Shields

I first heard of Tyler Shields when I read an article saying that this photographer was going to burn a Birkin bag (which was $100,000). I was like, “OMG this guy is crazy! That is a BIRKIN!”Then when I saw the photos he shot I was so intrigued. For the past three years I have been following his journey. His latest series is called Provocateur. I think I like his work because sometimes it can make me feel uncomfortable and it can be in my personal space and I enjoy that. All of his photographs are simple and clean, but there is an aspect about them that makes you want to stop and take a second to look at every detail in the photo. His portraits of people are some of my favorites, because there is a little pop of color, like the one above, can make the photograph interesting. He is also a great story teller. He did a historical series and had his models have reactions to historical events. There is one of a woman reacting to founding out about Kennedy being shot. Her whole face just tells the story. His couple photography is my favorite of his story telling, because there is heartbreak in some of them and with others there is passion between the couples. Tyler Shields’ work is one of the reasons I started to get into photography.

Let’s Go to the Beach

This past weekend I went to North Myrtle Beach with my mom. I thought it would be a great time to get some practice in with using manual on my camera in an outside environment. This photo is my favorite one at of the hundreds I took. My shutter speed is 1/125 of a second because the dog was running around and the waves were crashing and I was trying to get a clear shot of both of them. My f-stop is 14.0, the sun was super bright that day and there was not a single cloud in the sky. I think the result of this photo is pretty good, because everything is clear and it is just a pleasing photo to look at. Now, this is not my dog. This dog kept running up to me and I am not going to turn down playing with a dog. His owner was actually sitting like a few feet away from us and was literally just letting his dog run around to get all of his energy out.

Warhol and The Stones

One of my favorite artists of all time is Andy Warhol. When I was in Rome, Italy I made my mom cancel all of our plans because they had an Andy Warhol museum. Warhol was shooting for the Brown Sugar album by the Rolling Stones. The Stones are my favorite band and I saw the actual production of the shoot and behind the scenes photos of this while I was visiting the Rolling Stones Exhibition in New York. I like this photo because it is funny. Mick Jagger standing off to the side, naked and holding the album of his crouch over his crouch. All of the boys are just having a good time and enjoying themselves. I like how they use the album as pants like how people use old albums that have faces on them as their face.

Peeping Toucan!

I took this picture while in the shower. I was studying abroad in Costa Rica for 5 weeks and on my free weekend my mother decided to come down and have a quick vacation with me. We stayed in an eco lodge, in the middle of the jungle and with zero access to a hair dryer and a straightener. The shower was inside the room, but was open. You could hear all of the animals 27/7, but this toucan’s call caught my attention and I had to go take a picture. How many time am I going to be taking a shower and a toucan in sitting on a tree branch that is basically 10 feet away from me. It is not the best photo ever, because the bird is not completely in focus. Too bad I did not have any Froot Loops for him or maybe he would have come and hung out. Oh well!

The Tabby Kitty

If there is one thing I am constantly taking pictures of, it is my kitty, Corona (yes she is named after the beer). She is just one small fur ball of energy. I am always taking pictures of her because she can never stay still! She is 9 months, so she still has insane bursts of energy every five minutes. She is the light of my day, even if she knocks over every cup because she wants to drink the water. During Christmas time, she became so excited because of all of the decorations I had put. She loved to rip down the lights I had put up around this big wood pole to make it look like a candy cane. This is after she has ripped them down and decided to rest for a quick second.

Hey! Look at this!

This is a photo that I took during the Women’s March in New York City on January 21, 2017. I did not plan on going to this march, but I really could not resist going out into the massive crowd and taking a few photos. This is my favorite one, because it is this little girl in a pink jacket (I have the adult version of this) with a Love sign that she made herself. I like it, because the lighting on the little girl is good, but it could be a little lighter on her handmade poster. I like how she is above the crowd. It has a bit of innocence in the photo. I really like this photo, because it is different from others that I have seen. It is a little girl above all of these grown women, but she is there for the same reasons the adults and her mother are. Plus, she is a cute little girl in a big, fluffy pink jacket.